Scientifically Formulated for Preoperative Patients

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ERAS® Society

"The immediate challenge to improving the quality of surgical care is not discovering new knowledge, but rather how to integrate what we already know into practice" [Urbach Dr, Baxter NN. BMJ 2005]

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No to NPO

Yes to Perioperative Nutrition! — Thoughts of the Inventor

Over 20 years ago, as the Medical Director of the largest freestanding outpatient surgery center (OPSC) in Southern CA, I analyzed the Center’s stats on costly case cancellations and postponements.

The majority related to our patients’ inability to maintain the pre-op fasting protocol of “NPO (nulle per os) or nothing by mouth after midnight”…no matter what their scheduled surgery time.

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What is ERAS?

ERAS ® – Enhanced Recovery After Surgery

ERAS stands for Enhanced Recovery After Surgery. ERAS is a multimodal perioperative care pathway designed to achieve early recovery for patients undergoing major surgery.

ClearFast, is an ERAS carbohydrate drink, providing a comprehensive solution addressing key elements of Preoperative care in the ERAS protocol, fluid and carbohydrate loading and no prolonged fasting.

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ERAS® Products

Scientifically Formulated for Preoperative Patients

Clearfast® and PostOpt® were designed and patented by respected anesthesiologist, M. Lou Marsh, M.D. of BevMD, to provide a simple and elegant solution to the prolonged fasting dilemma, thereby promoting both patient compliance and well-being while supporting the elective surgery guidelines.

Clearfast® was formulated to deliver a high caloric and nutritional content, in a specific volume, that would be readily absorbed by the small intestine, quickly delivering energy and fluid to stave off hunger, dehydration and hypoglycemia, while reducing the residual gastric volume of acidic fluid.

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Our Mission

BevMD is dedicated to changing the way millions of patients are prepared for surgery everyday in the USA and elsewhere.

Our goals are to optimize the patients’ surgical experience in terms of comfort and satisfaction, as well as enhance their recovery and ultimate outcomes through comprehensive Perioperative Nutrition™. We provide a simple, effective patented solution to the prolonged fasting dilemma for preoperative patients, thereby enhancing patient compliance & well being while supporting the pre-op fasting guidelines for elective surgery.

We believe healthcare costs need to be reduced while enhancing the perioperative patient experience. Patient satisfaction scores, “HCAHPS”, must increase to allow healthcare facilities to increase reimbursements from Medicare. BevMD effectively addresses both issues, reducing healthcare costs and increasing HCAHPS scores.